Apply for a License to Sell Alcohol

On these pages find information, guidelines, and forms related to alcohol licensing in Georgia. Applicants must file and complete the appropriate license online using the Georgia Tax Center (GTC).

To prepare, you may need:

  1. Background investigation, tax clearance, and fingerprint process may be required for some licenses.
  2. Contact your local licensing authority to receive the additional requirements for obtaining a local alcohol retail license.
  3. Scan and save all required documentation as individual PDF files to upload to GTC before you begin your registration.  They may be needed as you complete the application.

In-State Alcohol License

Out-of-State License

Alcohol License Renewal

  • Alcohol Renewal

    Alcohol Renewal season begins the first business day of September thru December 31st of each year.

    • Renew your license online at the Georgia Tax Center
    • Renew before November 1 to ensure you receive your license before January 1st of the following year

    Find more information and guidance on renewing an alcohol license.

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O.C.G.A § 3-2-7.1 requires the Department of Revenue to develop and implement a state-wide centralized application process for initial applications and renewals of retail licenses. The centralized licensing process provides a way for retail licensees to simultaneously apply for such licenses and renewals online.  The license types included in the centralized licensing process are retail (beer/wine), retail package, consumption on premises (includes distilled spirits), and special events.