Distributions Section

This unit manages the local sales tax distributions to MARTA and the counties, cities and school systems in the state.

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Sales Tax - Upcoming Quarterly Rate Changes

Local Sales Tax Distributions

Prepaid Wireless Distributions

Fireworks Excise Tax Distributions

County and City Sales Tax ID Codes

Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits (ACH or Investment Pool)

Sales Tax Information Page for Taxing Authorities

The Distribution Section:

  • Provides technical assistance to governing authorities on local tax referendums
  • Distributes monthly sales tax proceeds to local taxing authorities
  • Publishes state and local sales and use tax rates
  • Maintains local sales tax revenue data
  • Receives FLPA requests and makes distributions to local taxing authorities
  • Calculates and distributes monthly 911 proceeds to local governments operating a qualified emergency 911 system


For additional information on the projects above, you can contact Distributions at:

Georgia Department of Revenue
Local Government Services Division
Distributions Section
4125 Welcome All Road, Suite 701
Atlanta, Georgia 30349

Hours:  8:00 - 4:30

Phone:  (404)724-7004

Email:  localgovt.services@dor.ga.gov