Alcohol & Tobacco

Alcohol & Tobacco

Issuance of Alcohol & Tobacco Licenses

New instructions for the issuance of alcohol and tobacco licenses. Effective with the 2022 renewal season and beginning September 1, 2021, the Department of Revenue will no longer issue and print alcohol or tobacco licenses on color bonded certificate paper containing a watermark. Additionally, the Department will not provide a license pick-up service or mail licenses to licensees. All alcohol and tobacco licenses will be available for viewing through the Georgia Tax Center (GTC) and must be printed by the licensee. Learn how to print an alcohol or tobacco license.

License Fees

How much is an Alcohol or a Tobacco license? What fees are involved with a Consumption-On-Premises license? How much is a Special Event license?

Retail Sale of Mixed Drinks To-Go

Georgia Tax Center

License registration, renewal, search and many other services are available online.

Laws and Regulations

Learn more about current Alcohol and Tobacco laws, regulations and enforcement.


Required Alcohol and Tobacco Warning Signs