Alcohol & Tobacco

Attention Tobacco and Vapor Product Sellers

Senate Bill 375 (2020) made various changes to the licensing and tax return processes for dealers and distributors of vapor products.  The purpose of this announcement is to notify you of a delay in the availability of the new licensing and tax return features associated with Senate Bill 375.  Due to a systemwide upgrade, the new licensing features and tax return features pertaining to vapor products will not be available until February 15, 2021.

Therefore, you will not be able to file new vapor product license applications until February 15, 2021. Likewise, for existing tobacco licensees who also sell vapor products, you will not be able to upgrade your existing license for vapor products until that date.  Furthermore, we are asking all tobacco and vapor product sellers to file January excise tax returns (ordinarily due February 10th) on February 15, 2021.  The Department is extending the deadline to file these records and make payments until February 26, 2021. No penalties or interest will be due for late filed January returns so long as they are received and paid by February 26, 2021.

Please note, although the new licensing and return features will not be available until February 15, 2021, you may continue to lawfully sell vapor products. Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol & Tobacco

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Laws and Regulations

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License Renewal Information

Due to COVID-19 and as a precautionary health measure, the Department is temporarily suspending the in-person service of issuing alcohol and tobacco renewal licenses. The Department will mail all 2021 renewal licenses to the address provided on the alcohol or tobacco renewal application. Should you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-423-6711 from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

License Fees

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