Farm Winery (Out-of-State)

On this page, find guidelines for completing the Farm Winery License application online using the Georgia Tax Center.

Once your online submission is processed, you will receive a notification containing specific account information.

Required Forms & Documents

License Fee

  • Brewery - $1,000
  • Distillery - $1,000
  • Winery - $1,000
  • Farm Winery - $50
  • Wine Special Order Shipping - $50
  • Farm Winery/Wholesale - $50
  • Brewpub - $1,000
  • Adding Officers - $100

Hotel In-Room Service (Consumption on Premises)

  • Liquor + Beer = $150
  • Liquor + Wine = $150
  • Liquor + Beer + Wine = $200

License Description

Farm Winery - A Farm Winery uses local produce to make at least 40% of its annual production. A Farm Winery is a winery with at least 40% of its annual production from agricultural produce grown in the state where the winery is located. Uses a large part of its premises for agricultural purposes; including, the cultivation of grapes, berries or fruits utilized in the manufacture or production of wine by the winery. Is owned and operated by persons who work in the production of a large part of the agricultural produce used in its annual production.