DRIVES e-Services

Online Services

Tag Renewal
Renew vehicle registration online.

Vehicle Status
Look up your insurance and registration status, effective date, etc

Pay Insurance Fines
Pay insurance fines online

Title Ad Valorem Tax Estimator
Get the estimated TAVT tax based on the value of the vehicle

Tag Renewal Fee Estimate
Find your tag renewal fee

Title Status
Look up status of vehicle title.

Commercial Vehicle Registration
Georgia Trucking Portal - Registration for IRP, IFTA, UCR, Trip Permits, etc

Annual Ad Valorem Tax Estimator
Get the estimated Ad Valorem tax on car not under TAVT

Pre-Application for Title and Registration
Save Time!  Complete the Title and Registration application before visiting your local county tag office.

Cancel Registration
Voluntarily cancel your registration online.

Plate Samples
See the different License Plates available in Georgia

Prestige Tag Inquiry
Check and see if the Prestige License Plate you want is available

Schedule MVD Appointments
Save time! Make an appointment for the Southmeadow Office (MVD)

Government Vehicle Fee Assessment
Login required - for Government Agencies

Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS)
Login required - for Insurance carriers

County Contact Database
Login required - for county use only

New Online Services Available Using DRIVES e-Services

  • Online Tag Renewal Notifications
  • Replace Registration
  • Cancel Registration
  • Change Registration Address
  • Insurance Fine Payments
  • Rental Car Registration & Renewal
  • Leasing Company Registration & Renewal
  • Dealer Renewal
  • Salvage and Assembled Vehicle (SAVI) Inspections