Applying for an Alcohol Permit

On this page, find information on applying for an alcohol permit online using the Georgia Tax Center (GTC).

  • Alcohol permits are registered by representatives (sales or promotional) and must be associated with an existing Georgia licensed manufacturer, wholesaler/distributor, broker, or importer
  • Alcohol permits allow the individual to represent alcohol products/ brands in the state of Georgia
  • Permits are not transferrable from one Georgia licensed manufacturer, wholesaler/ distributor, broker, or importer to another
  • Permits for beer and/or wine does not require a fee nor annual renewal

Required Forms & Documents

All required documentation must be scanned and saved as individual PDF files. You will upload them to GTC during the application process.

Register a New Permit Account

  • Go to Georgia Tax Center (new accounts do not need to login)
  • Click “Register a Permit Account”
  • Gather required documentation
  • Click Next
  • Complete all required steps, submit and receive a confirmation number

Helpful Information

  • The required alcohol license number is your business’s/employer’s license number. (Be sure to include all 0’s so the license number is 7 digits)
  • You should receive a confirmation number for each submission
  • Credit card and ACH debit payments can be made through Georgia Tax Center