Department of Revenue Automatically Extending 2019 Filing Deadline

The Georgia Department of Revenue is automatically extending the 2019 income tax filing and payment deadline to July 15, 2020. Vehicle registrations that expire between March 16, 2020 and May 14, 2020 are being extended through May 15, 2020.

Georgia Trucking Portal

International Registration Plan (IRP)

Important Update

To continue to ensure compliance with the Timely Collection of Apportionable Fees as outlined in Article X, Section 1210, of the International Registration Plan, effective April 1, 2020, the Georgia jurisdiction will require full payment of Apportionable Fees prior to issuing a TA/TEAR for Temporary Evidence of Apportioned Registration

When do I Renew

IRP Renewals occur based on either the business name or owner last name.

IRP Help

Online help and support for the Georgia Trucking Portal and IRP.

Trucking Portal FAQ

Georgia Trucking Portal - FAQs

IRP Plan Requirements

Everything you need to know about IRP.


Need more information on IFTA and motor fuel? Visit the business tax section of the DOR website.