Brewpub (In-State)

On this page, find guidelines for completing the Brewpub License application online using the Georgia Tax Center.

Once your online submission is processed, you will receive a notification containing specific account information.

Required Forms & Documents

License Fee

  • Brewery - $1,000
  • Distillery - $1,000
  • Winery - $1,000
  • Farm Winery - $50
  • Wine Special Order Shipping - $50
  • Farm Winery/Wholesale - $50
  • Brewpub - $1,000
  • Adding Officers - $100

Hotel In-Room Service (Consumption on Premises)

  • Liquor + Beer = $150
  • Liquor + Wine = $150
  • Liquor + Beer + Wine = $200

You must apply for a Consumption on Premises license before applying for a Brewpub License

License Description

Brewpub - A Brewpub is any eating establishment in which beer or malt beverages are manufactured or brewed, subject to the barrel production limitation prescribed in Code Section 3-5-36 for retail consumption on the premises and solely in draft form.

An “eating establishment” means an establishment which is licensed to sell distilled spirits, beer, malt beverages or wines and which derives at least 50 percent of its total annual gross food and beverages sales from the sale of prepared meal or food, provided, however, that barrels of beer sold to licensed wholesale dealers for distribution to retailers and retail consumption dealers, as authorized pursuant to subparagraph (c) of paragraph (2) of Code Section 3-5-36, shall not be used when determining the total annual gross food and beverage sales.