Special Event Use

Please request a Special Event Use Permit 10 days before the start date of the event.


After that, the Department cannot guarantee that the license will be issued in time for the event.

Permit shall not be valid for more than 10 days.  

  • A Special Event Use permit is for the sale of alcoholic beverages for certain events which would otherwise require a retailer or retail dealers license.
  • The event that shall qualify for this type of permit is that of estate sales, the sale of inventory authorized under a bankruptcy proceeding and activities that are similar in nature.

These guidelines will help you complete the State of Georgia Special Event Use License application online using the Georgia Tax Center website.

Before You Begin

All required documentation must be scanned and saved as individual PDF files. You will upload them to the Georgia Tax Center during the application process.

Required Documents

  1. Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  2. Citizenship Affidavit along with secure and verifiable documents, i.e. government issued photo ID. (requires notarization)

How to Apply

Online applications are available through the Georgia Tax Center (GTC), a secure electronic customer self-service portal. After your online submission is processed, you will receive a notification containing specific account information.


Special Event Use Fees