Unclaimed Property (UCP) may be items like wages, savings accounts, customer refunds, insurance payments, shares of stock, US savings bonds, escrow funds, and even the content from safe deposit boxes.  

If an owner of the item(s) doesn't claim it within a set amount of time, the property is required to be reported to the state. The state maintains an UCP database where you can search for and claim your property.


  • Search by your name to find UCP

    The state of Georgia maintains a database of this unclaimed property.  It is completely free to search the database and to claim your property. All you need to begin is your name. Adding the city will narrow down your search results.

    You may also search for unclaimed property on behalf of an estate. To do so, you will need the decedent’s name, Social Security Number and/or the estate’s Federal Employer Identification Number to begin the search.

    To search on behalf of a Georgia business, you will need your company name and FEIN.

  • Submit a claim

    To submit a claim, you'll need to register for an account.  There is no cost to register and you can view your claim status online.  You can submit a claim for yourself, your business or as an heir or executor.

    To submit a claim on behalf of an estate or business, you will be required to submit a printed Claim Form that may need additional documentation.

  • Check your claim status

    Most claims are paid within 30 days of the claim being received.  However, the process may take up to 90 days.

    You can check your claim status online.

  • Receive your claim in the mail

    A paper check will be mailed to the address the claimant registered when they filed their claim.  Claims cannot be paid electronically.

  • Keep my property from becoming lost in the future

    Property becomes lost when a company has no communication with the owner. For security reasons, most financial institutions do not forward mail. You should:

    • Contact the institutions that hold your money or property every year, especially when there is an address change or change in marital status.
    • Keep accurate records and record all insurance policies, bank account numbers with bank names and addresses, types of accounts, stock certificates, and rent and utility deposits.
    • Cash all checks for dividends, wages, and insurance settlements without delay.
    • If you have a safe deposit box, record its number, bank name and address, and give the extra key to a trusted person.
    • Prepare and file a will detailing the disposition of your assets.


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