Motor Vehicle Policy Bulletins

Title Ad Valorem Vehicle Tax (TAVT) Policies

Revised TAVT Calculation for Leases

Allocation of Local TAVT Under House Bill 779

Mandatory $100 Leasing Company Registration Fee

Notice to Motor Vehicle Dealers - Title Ad Valorem Tax Return Form MV-7D

Fair Market Value of New, Leased Vehicles (MSO/MCO)

Georgia Motor Vehicle Assessment Manual for Title Ad Valorem Tax 

Non-Resident Service Members of the Armed Forces and TAVT Bulletin

TAVT Calculator Fair Market Discrepancy Bulletin


Other Policies

Mandatory Use of Electronic Liens on Title (ELT) Program

Application for Salvage Certificate of Title When the Insurance Company is Unable to Obtain the Certificate of Title

HB 761 Waiver of Mandatory Electronic Title and Registration (ETR) for Small Volume Dealers

MVD-2018-07 - School Bus and School Zone Infractions


Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative Fuel Vehicles - Annual Licensing Fees Policy Bulletin


Motor Vehicle Registration

“Test Drive” Tags and Other Improper Tag Uses

MVD-2015-04 SB 100 - Temporary Registration After Failed Emissions Test


Special Policies

MVD-2022-02 - Notice to Fire Department Chiefs

MVD-2022-01 IFTA/IRP Waiver for Hurricane Ian

MVD-2021-02 - Notice to Motor Vehicle Dealers, Manufacturers and Distributors

MVD-2021-03 - Notice to Insurance Companies and Their Agents

MVD-2021-04 - Notice to Secondary Metals Recyclers, Parts Dealers and Scrap Metal Processors

Emission Test Waiver for Motor Vehicle Registrations

Remote Submission of Electronic Signatures for ETR Vendors

Exhibit A--Accepted Forms for E-Signature and Remote Submission

Temporary Expedited Salvage Title Application Process for Vehicles Impacted by Hurricane Michael

MVD-2018-06 - Confirmation of Requirement for Dealers to Use Electronic Title and Registration (ETR)

Announcement for Salvage Vehicle Dealers under HB872