IRP Service Providers

  • IRP account holders may hire third-party agents, known as Service Providers to complete IRP Registrations on behalf of the motor carrier.
  • Per Authority: O.C.G.A. §§ 40-2-25, 40-2-88, 48-9-33, Ga. Comp. Rules & Reg. R. 560-10-28-.01, 560-10-28-.02, and 560-10-28-.03:
    • Service Providers must be bonded and registered as Service Providers with the Department of Revenue.
    • IRP documents will not be accepted or processed from Service Providers who are not bonded and registered with the Department of Revenue.

Become a Registered Service Provider

Email required documents to [email protected]:

  • Notarized Surety Bond Form including:
    • Bond number
    • $50,000 value minimum
    • Effective date
  • Surety Bond with policy period
  • Notarized Service Provider Application
  • Allow 3-5 business days for processing
    • Each service provider will have one login for administration of IRP accounts.  The username will be the email provided on the Service Provider Application.

Existing Service Providers

  • To request administration of a new or existing IRP Account, email [email protected] using a valid Service Provider email:
    • Power of Attorney Form RD-1061 granting the service provider authorization
  • See IRP Registration Instructions for Supplement Type submittal method
    • Online Supplement submittals require Form RD-1061 submission for access
    • Email Supplement submittals require Form RD-1061, application(s) and required supporting document(s) for access
  • Surety Bonds & Power of Attorneys must be updated prior to the expiration date(s) to maintain access 

Find IRP Registered Service Providers

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