Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle Manufacturer or Distributor Registration

Online Dealer, Distributor and Manufacturer Registration/Renewal

Effective September 1, 2021, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers must complete registrations and plate renewal applications online using DRIVES e-Services.

House Bill 207 makes it mandatory for motor vehicle/motorcycle manufacturers or distributors to complete all initial and renewal registrations through DRIVES e-Services. The following documents are required to be uploaded:

Submit questions to [email protected]

Manufacturer/Distributor License Plate Guidelines

Manufacturer/Distributor license plates can be used:

  • On vehicles in the company’s inventory that are being demonstrated to a potential buyer
  • To transport an inventory vehicle from one location to another
  • On manufacturer/distributor owned vehicles used by officers and employees of the business. Employees are defined as persons working for these businesses at least 36 hours per week

Manufacturer/Distributor license plates cannot be used:

  • On privately owned vehicles
  • Vehicles for hire or lease
  • Vehicles used in operations of a manufacturer/distributor such as rentals, delivery, parts delivery, towing, rollbacks, courtesy, or other manner
  • By friends or family members of employees or officials of the business

You are subject to fines by law enforcement if you use these license plates illegally. After a department hearing, it is determined that these license plates were unlawfully used, license plates may be revoked and confiscated.

Note:  If you go out-of-business, you must turn in all license plates, with a signed letter indicating the reason for return, to the MVD Business Registration Unit at the address shown above.

Manufacturer/Distributor License Plate Replacement

Submit the following to the MVD Business Registration Unit:

By mail at:

DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Business Registration Unit
P.O. Box 740382
Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0382