IRP Fleet Renewal

Before You Begin

  • Fleet Renewal is a two-step process.
  • Only actual miles/distance from the prior July 1st-June 30th reporting period shall be submitted.
  • Fleet and Vehicle Insurance must not expire prior to first day of the renewed registration effective date.
  • Following Fleet Renewal, no vehicles may be added to the Fleet until the effective date of renewed registration.
  • Save Required Supporting Documents to your computer before beginning the transaction.
  • Multi-page documents must be uploaded as one file.

You Cannot

  • Change Physical address or the Applicant name during the renewal.
  • Submit GA only, Estimated, or Rounded Miles
  • Add vehicles during renewal.
  • Submit the renewal if insurance expiration date does not exceed the renewal’s effective date.
  • Submit the renewal supplement without amending the Carrier Responsible for Safety if it was not reported to the Commercial Registration Unit when the change first occurred.

Step 1:  Start Fleet Renewal Supplement

  1. Log in to the IRP application
  2. From the Applications tab, select IRP
  3. From the Process tab, select Fleet, then click Renew Fleet
  4. Click Proceed
    Click the Select icon next to the fleet registration year to be renewed, if applicable
Account Screen
  1. Customer Details Screen - click Proceed
  2. Customer Verification Screen - click Proceed again
Fleet Details Screen
  1. Select the Mailing Address tab to verify or change mailing address information
    Note: Physical address can only be changed before Renewal is started or after Renewal is approved and payment received
  2. Update the Fleet Insurance effective date, expiration date, policy number, and company name. Click Proceed
    If you need to change your fleet type - In the Fleet Type Field, choose FOR-For Hire or PVT-Private then click Proceed
  3. Fleet Details Verification Screen - Verify fleet information is correct and click Proceed
Distance Screen
  • Enter only ACTUAL DISTANCE (estimated, rounded, and GA only miles are not accepted) accrued in each jurisdiction during the requested July 1st to June 30th reporting period.
  • Prior registration year’s apportioned registration jurisdictions will appear in red.
  • After entering Actual Distance, click Proceed. Click Proceed again to confirm actual distance.
Weight Group Screen
  1. If you are using the same weight group(s) as the prior year, click Done then go to vehicle screen
  2. To add a new weight group, click Add Weight Group. Add the desired weight group, click Proceed, verify weight group and click Proceed, then click Done
Vehicle Screen
  1. Click Done if you are not changing Carrier Responsible for Safety USDOT, or deleting existing vehicle(s) from fleet, then go to the Submission Screen Instructions
  2. To change Carrier Responsible for Safety USDOT Number, click Amend Vehicle, then click Proceed
    1. Click in VIN box and select the vehicle being amended, click Search to locate vehicle details, update “Safety TIN” and “Safety USDOT” field with carrier’s information, then click Proceed  
    2. Verify Information, then click Proceed
      Note: If you are updating the USDOT of more than one vehicle, search for next vehicle
  3. Click Done when finished amending vehicle(s) with updated Carrier USDOT and TIN 
  4. To Delete Vehicle(s), click on the Delete Vehicle button, choose the vehicle that is not being renewed, and click Proceed. Repeat this process for all vehicle(s) that shall be deleted, then click Done when finished
    Important! Vehicle Additions are not allowed
  5. When changes are complete, click Done to continue to the Submission Screen
Submission Screen
  1. Click Select to populate the document submission screen
  2. To upload supporting documents, enter VIN of vehicle in the VIN field
  3. From the Document Type drop down menu, select a document type to upload from your computer
  4. Click Browse to search your computer’s files for the PDF document to upload
  5. Once document is selected, click the Upload button to upload selected document
  6. Repeat “browse & upload” process for required supporting documents
  7. After all required documents are successfully uploaded, click Submit
  8. You will see “Request Submitted Successfully” on-screen. Click Quit button

Step 2: Application Review

Allow 3-5 business days to receive an e-mail with the next step(s) required to complete the supplement.

  • If approved, you will be required to generate the invoice and submit payment.
  • If unapproved, you must fulfill the action(s) required and re-submit the application for review.