IRP Transfer Plate

Before You Begin

  • Transfer Plate Supplement is a two-step process.
  • IRP member jurisdictions allow for the transferring of registrations of withdrawn fleet vehicles to replacement vehicles. However:
    • Additional apportionable fees will be due if the replacement vehicle is registered at a higher weight.
    • Registrations cannot be transferred to replacement vehicles that are being registered at a lower weight.
  • Required supporting documents must be saved to your computer prior to start of transaction.
  • Multi-page documents must be uploaded as one file.

Step 1:  Start IRP Transfer Plate Supplement

  1. Log in to the IRP Application
  2. From the Applications tab, select IRP
  3. From the Supplement tab, select Transfer Plate
  4. Click Proceed
  5. Click Select next to the fleet registration year that is being transferred
Weight Group Screen
  1. If you are using an existing weight group continue to Vehicle Details Screen Instructions 
  2. If you would like to add a new weight group, click Weight tab then click Add Weight Group
    Weight Decrease not allowed
  3. Add the desired weight group, click Proceed. Verify Weight Group and click Proceed, then click Done
Vehicle Details Screen
  1. New Vehicle Search Criteria - Enter VIN of replacement vehicle in the VIN field, then click Search
  2. Old Vehicle Details - Enter VIN No. and Delete Reason, then click Search
  3. Vehicle Details - Complete all fields marked with a red asterisk.
    Important! Do not change “Safety Change” to Yes
  4. Check the New Plate Required checkbox if a new license plate is requested - Police Report will be required
  5. Click Proceed to move to the Vehicle Verification screen. If the information is correct, click Proceed again.
    Note: You will be returned to the Vehicle Screen where you may transfer additional vehicle registrations repeating steps 1-4
  6. When transferring registrations is complete, click Done to continue to Submission Screen
Submission Screen
  1. Click Select to populate the document submission screen
  2. Upload supporting documents - Enter VIN of vehicle in the VIN field
  3. From the Document Type drop down menu, select a document type to upload from your computer
  4. Click Browse to search your computer’s files for the PDF document to upload
  5. Once document is selected, click Upload button to upload selected document.
    Note: Repeat “browse & upload” process for required supporting documents
  6. After all required documents are successfully uploaded, click Submit
  7. An on-screen notification will populate stating, “Request Submitted Successfully,” click Quit button

Step 2: Application Review

Allow two business days to receive an e-mail with the next step(s) required to complete the supplement.

  • If approved, you will be required to generate the invoice and submit the payment.
  • If unapproved, you must fulfill the action(s) required and re-submit the application for review.