IRP Open a New Account

To open a new International Registration Plan (IRP) account, an applicant is required to meet jurisdictional requirements, submit MVD applications and supporting documents, AND successfully complete the application review process.

  • IRP login credentials will be provided once all the requirements to establish a New IRP Account have been satisfied.
  • Payment, upon approval, is required for a Temporary Apportioned Permit to be generated.
  • E-mail required documents directly to [email protected] for review.  Allow up to five business days to receive an email with approval or information regarding further action required.

Part 1 - Required Documents

Jurisdiction Requirements

To select “Georgia” as the base jurisdiction, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must show an established place of business* or provide proof of  Georgia residency.**  Five proofs from the “Established Place of Business” list or three proofs from the “Georgia Residency”  list must be submitted. Proofs cannot be mixed between lists.  Post Office Box addresses or Virtual Offices are not accepted. 
    Important: Addresses for all submitted proofs of Established Place of Business or Proof of Georgia Residency must match.
  • IRP account must have a fleet which produces Georgia distance/miles.
  • Fleet records must be maintained or be available within the state of Georgia.
MVD Applications
Supporting Documents

Part 2 - Application Review

Please allow five business days to receive an e-mail with the next step(s) required to establish the New IRP Account.

  • If approved, you will be emailed an approval message with IRP Login Credentials and an invoice.
  • If not approved, you must fulfill the action(s) required and re-submit the application for review.
*Established Place of Business

Established Place of Business means a physical structure located within the state of Georgia that is owned or leased by the applicant and whose street address shall be specified by the applicant. The following five proofs must be submitted:

  1. Georgia Secretary of State’s “Annual Registration” form (with “business purpose” section completed), demonstrating:
    • Physical structure is used for the purpose of the general management of the applicant’s trucking-related business (not limited to credentialing, distance reporting, and phone inquiries)
  2. County-issued Certification of Zoning Compliance, demonstrating:
    • Physical structure is located within the state of Georgia
    • Physical structure is owned or leased by the applicant
    • Specific street address which does not include a P.O. Box number
  3. Publicly listed document page (dated within 30 days of application date and verifiable via the internet):
    • Demonstrating the physical structure is open for business
  4. Employee Schedule:
    • Demonstrating the physical structure is staffed during regular business hours by one or more persons
  5. Employee Paystub:
    • Demonstrating the physical structure staff member(s) are employed by the applicant on a permanent basis
**Proof of Georgia Residency

Applicants which do not have an Established Place of Business may designate Georgia as the base jurisdiction by showing proof of Georgia residency. The applicant must submit three of the following eight proofs listed below:

  1. If an individual, current and valid Driver’s License issued to applicant by the State of Georgia
  2. If a corporation, proof of incorporation that entity is authorized to do business in Georgia
  3. If a corporation, proof the owner of the corporation is a legal, Georgia resident
  4. Proof applicant’s federal income tax return is filed from the Georgia address
  5. Proof applicant has paid personal income tax to Georgia
  6. Real estate tax or personal property tax paid to Georgia by applicant
  7. Utility bills in Georgia that are in either applicant’s individual or business name (submit only one utility bill dated within 60 days)
  8. Vehicle titled in Georgia in either applicant’s individual or business name (submit only one title record)

Note: An account can be in the business name when proving GA Residency.  The Secretary of State Article’s Principal Office Address must reflect the same physical address on the Schedule G and A, and on the subsequent proofs in the business or personal name (of which the individual name must be listed on the Secretary of State).


Need more information? Read the IRP Manual.