IRP Open a New Account

To open a new International Registration Plan (IRP) account, an applicant is required to meet jurisdictional requirements, submit MVD applications and supporting documents, AND successfully complete the application review process.

  • Use EZ IRP to request a new IRP account and submit supporting documents, including Schedules A and G.
  • IRP login credentials will be provided once all the requirements to establish a New IRP Account have been satisfied.
  • Payment, upon approval, is required for a Temporary Apportioned Permit to be generated.

EZ IRP will guide you through the process of creating or uploading documents based upon how you plan to operate.

Jurisdiction Requirements

To select “Georgia” as the base jurisdiction, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must show an established place of business or provide proof of Georgia residency. Five proofs from the “Established Place of Business” list or three proofs from the “Georgia Residency”  list must be submitted. Proofs cannot be mixed between lists. Post Office Box addresses or Virtual Offices are not accepted. 
    Important: Addresses for all submitted proofs of Established Place of Business or Proof of Georgia Residency must match.
  • IRP account must have a fleet which produces Georgia distance/miles.
  • Fleet records must be maintained or be available within the state of Georgia.

Documents that may be required:

Application Review

Please allow five business days to receive a response via EZ IRP with the next step(s) required to establish the New IRP Account.

  • If approved, you will be emailed an approval message with IRP Login Credentials and an invoice.
  • If not approved, you must fulfill the action(s) required and re-submit the application via EZ IRP for review.

Need more information? Read the IRP Manual.