Proof of Georgia Residency

Applicants which do not have an Established Place of Business may designate Georgia as the base jurisdiction by showing proof of Georgia residency.

The applicant must submit three of the following eight proofs listed below:

  1. If an individual, current and valid Driver’s License issued to applicant by the State of Georgia
  2. If a corporation, proof of incorporation that entity is authorized to do business in Georgia
  3. If a corporation, proof the owner of the corporation is a legal, Georgia resident
  4. Proof applicant’s federal income tax return is filed from the Georgia address
  5. Proof applicant has paid personal income tax to Georgia
  6. Real estate tax or personal property tax paid to Georgia by applicant
  7. Utility bills in Georgia that are in either applicant’s individual or business name (submit only one utility bill dated within 60 days)
  8. Vehicle titled in Georgia in either applicant’s individual or business name (submit only one title record)

Note: An account can be in the business name when proving GA Residency.  The Secretary of State Article’s Principal Office Address must reflect the same physical address on the Schedule G and A, and on the subsequent proofs in the business or personal name (of which the individual name must be listed on the Secretary of State).