Selling a Car?

The owner of the vehicle must:

  1. Transfer Ownership using the form on the back of the title - Read more about the Sellers Responsibilities
  2. Go to your county tag office to cancel your registration - even if you sold or traded your car to a dealer. This should be done prior to cancelling your insurance to avoid penalties and fines. You will need to complete Form MV-18J Application of Voluntary Registration Cancellation - Questions about Cancelling Registration to avoid fines and penalties?
  3. Contact your insurance company and cancel your vehicles Insurance - More information about Insurance
  4. Complete a Bill of Sale (you can use Form T-7 Bill of Sale). 

You must cancel your registration BEFORE cancelling insurance coverage to avoid fines and penalties related to Georgia law requiring insurance coverage. Remember!  It is illegal for you to drive or allow someone else to drive a vehicle that is uninsured.