IRP Replace License Plate

Before You Begin

  • Police Report required (per O.C.G.A. 40-2-44)
  • Required supporting documents must be saved to your computer prior to start of transaction so it can be uploaded.
  • Multi-page documents must be uploaded as one file.

Step 1: Start Replacement Plate Supplement

  1. Log in to the IRP application
  2. From the Applications tab, select IRP
  3. From the Supplement tab, select Replace Plate
  4. From the Supplement Search Screen click Proceed (do not enter information in the empty fields)
  5. Click Select next to fleet registration year requiring replacement plate
Vehicle Details Screen
  1. Select the box to the left of vehicle(s) needing a Replacement Plate, then click Proceed
  2. Choose reason for replacement plate from drop down menu options, then click Proceed
  3. Click Done to continue to the document submission screen
Submission Screen
  1. Click Select to populate the document submission screen
  2. Upload supporting documents - Enter VIN of vehicle in the VIN field
  3. From the Document Type drop down menu, select a document type to upload from your computer
  4. Click Choose File to search your computer’s files for the PDF document to upload
  5. Once document is selected, click Upload button to upload selected document
    Note: Repeat “browse & upload” process for required supporting documents
  6. After all required documents are successfully uploaded, click Submit
  7. An on-screen notification will populate stating, “Request Submitted Successfully,” click Quit button 

Step 2: Application Review

Allow 3-5 business days to receive an e-mail with the next step required to complete the supplement.

  • If approved, you will be required to generate the invoice and submit payment.
  • If unapproved, you must fulfill the action(s) required and re-submit the application for review.