Georgia Trucking Portal - FAQs

  • What is the definition of Commercial Motor Vehicle?
    A commercial vehicle is a type of motor vehicle that may be used for transporting goods or passengers.
  • When do I need a USDOT number or a GADOT number? How do I get one?
  • I have purchased a bus or truck. What do I need to do before I start operating?

    I have purchased a bus or truck and would like to start operating under the International Registration Plan (IRP).

    Any person transporting property or passengers for hire traveling in Georgia and other IRP Jurisdictions must apply based on the IRP Registration Instructions.

  • When is International Registration Plan (IRP) registration required?
    When a vehicle travels in two or more jurisdictions, and includes a power unit with a gross weight in excess of 26,000 lbs. and/or is a power unit with three or more axles (regardless of weight). This includes power units used to pull another unit in which the combined weight exceeds 26,000 lbs.
  • When do I need an IRP Trip Permit?

    A 72-hour Trip Permit is required for the following out-of-state based vehicles that meet the requirements for apportionment:

    • Vehicles with current non-apportioned tags; and
    • Vehicles with IRP tags not apportioned for Georgia.

    The Trip Permit must be secured prior to entry into Georgia and must remain with the vehicle while in the state. A duplicate or photocopy is not acceptable.

    A Trip Permit, available online for a fee of $30.00, allows interstate and intrastate operation in Georgia.

    Georgia-based carriers which are not apportioned to travel in another IRP state but wish to send a vehicle into the other IRP state must contact that state or the wire services to obtain any needed trip permits and information on other requirements of operation. If a vehicle has not been apportioned to travel into a particular IRP member state, a trip permit must be secured from such state and carried in the cab of the vehicle for which issued or the vehicle may be subject to full registration fees in that state and/or fined. Georgia does not sell trip permits to Georgia-based carriers.

  • When do I need a Motor Fuel Use Tax Permit?
    If you need to travel out of state before you receive your IFTA credentials, you must purchase fuel trip permits to travel in IFTA jurisdictions and for your reentry into Georgia. Your Georgia Motor Fuel Use Tax Permit must be purchased and validated before you reenter the state. A 10-day Motor Fuel Use Tax Permit will be available online for a fee of $16.00.
  • When do I need Hunter Permit?

    The Unladen Vehicle Registration – Hunter Permit allows a truck’s owner-operator to move his empty vehicle from place to place, as needed, in looking for employment. This permit is available for a vehicle owned by a Georgia-based owner-operator that was previously leased to a motor carrier and for which the current year tag was in the carrier’s name but is no longer leased to the carrier. Such vehicles will not have a current IRP registration.

    This permit is available online for a fee of $30.00. It is valid for seven days. The original Unladen Vehicle Registration – Hunter Permit must be carried in the vehicle described and a duplicate or photocopy is not acceptable. Georgia will recognize a valid Unladen Vehicle Registration – Hunter Permit issued by another state and allow travel in this state without the purchase of a Georgia Hunter Permit. Other states also recognize a valid Georgia Unladen Vehicle Registration – Hunter Permit.