State Revenue Statistics and Reports

In order to assist the public with access to commonly sought information, the Department of Revenue has developed several standard reports. 

Annual Statistical Reports

Department of Revenue Annual Statistical Reports

Enclosed within this report you will find information about the Department of Revenue’s operations as well as detailed data about the revenue collected on behalf of the state.

Property Tax Administration

Property Tax Administration Annual Report

Georgia law requires that the Revenue Commissioner provide the Georgia General Assembly with a yearly report on the uniformity of valuations between the counties and a report of the fiscal impact on the counties of certain laws that have been passed pertaining to preferential assessment and conservation use assessment.

Income Tax

Income Tax Credit Utilization Reports

Reflects the amount utilized for income tax credits in the State of Georgia in the given years. Utilized is the dollar amount actually offset against tax liability, not the amount of tax credits generated or created in a year.

DOR Pulse

DOR Pulse - Individual Income Tax Refunds

Local Sales Tax Distributions

Distributions Section

You will need to select "Local Sales Tax Distributions" to be taken to the Department's searchable sales tax distribution database.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Active Alcohol Licenses

Active alcohol licenses report generated on a quarterly basis.

Active Tobacco Licenses

Active tobacco licenses report generated on a quarterly basis.

Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) and Motor Fuel Report – Coming Soon

This report will show the revenues collected and distributed to state and local governments for motor vehicle taxes and motor fuel taxes. The report is published on an annual basis.

What if the information I am trying to find is not in these reports?

If you are seeking data that is not included in the above reports, you may submit a unique data request to  If responding to the request does not require the Department to configure a new data report, the requester will receive, within 3 business days, either the responsive records or a timeline of when such records will be made available, and an estimate of any costs involved. 

Note that the Georgia Open Records Act does not require state agencies to configure data reports that do not currently exist, nor would the Act require the Department to respond to requests to reconfigure the data that is already found in the reports on this page.  O.C.G.A. § 50-18-71 (J).