State Revenue Commissioner Frank O’Connell today announced a tool for Georgians to view their eligibility for surplus tax refunds. HB 162 and HB 1302 provided for surplus tax refunds of up to $500 for Georgia filers.

“The surplus tax refund eligibility tool is available through the Georgia Tax Center,” said State Revenue Commissioner Frank O’Connell. “I’d like to thank our Taxpayer Services Division, our Information Technology Division, and our Tax Policy Division for their work throughout the process. They are key to the successful implementation of these refunds.”

Georgia taxpayers will need to input the Tax Year, their Social Security Number or alternate Tax Identification Number, and their Federal Adjusted Gross Income into the tool. The tool will then let the taxpayer know if they are eligible for the HB 162 (Tax Year 2022) and HB 1302 (Tax Year 2021) refunds.

The Department of Revenue anticipates issuing Tax Year 2022 refunds for those who filed prior to the April deadline by July 1, 2023. Individuals filing on extension through October will not receive their surplus refund until their returns have been filed. Additionally, those filing with Individual Tax Identification Numbers instead of a Social Security Number may take longer to receive their refund.

Taxpayers looking for their HB 162 refund eligibility should select Tax Year 2022 on the tool. Taxpayers looking for their HB 1302 refund eligibility should select Tax Year 2021 on the tool. The surplus refund eligibility tool can be found here.

Learn more about the Georgia Surplus Tax Refund or read Frequently Asked Questions here.


DOR's Media Contact Austin Gibbons

Director of External Affairs and Communications