How Do I … Learn More About the Surplus Tax Refund?

  • Check Your Surplus Tax Refund Online

    To use the Surplus Tax Refund checker, you will need:

      • Your SSN or ITIN
      • The amount of your Federal Adjusted Gross Income listed on your 2022 tax year Georgia Individual Income Tax return
        • Form 500 – Line 8 or
        • Form 500EZ – Line 1

    Check your eligibility for the Surplus Tax Refund online, 24/7


  • Are you eligible?

    Still have questions about eligibility or how much you will receive?  Check out the examples in this video for more information.

  • Calculate Refund Amount

    HB 162 allows for a tax refund out of the State's surplus to Georgia filers who meet eligibility requirements. Depending on your filing status and tax liability, you could receive a maximum of:

    • $250 for Single/Married Filing Separate
    • $375 for Head of Household
    • $500 for Married Filing Joint
  • Will I get a paper check or direct deposit?

    Surplus Tax Refunds are issued based on the regular refund instructions provided on a taxpayer's return.


  • Should I call to check on the status?

    Check your eligibility for the Surplus Tax Refund online, 24/7

    • Our phone lines are typically very busy this time of year. 
    • Our call center representatives will have the same information available to you online in the "Check Your Surplus Tax Refund" checker.
    • If all your information is correct and you think you are eligible, check again at a later date.
    • Surplus Tax Refund status changes are updated nightly.

    Please allow 6-8 weeks for refunds to be issued (if filed by the April 18, 2023 deadline)