Georgia Surplus Tax Refund

You may be eligible for the 2022 Surplus Tax Refund

Surplus Tax Refunds will be issued beginning in May 2023.

HB 162 allows for a tax refund out of the State's surplus to Georgia filers who meet eligibility requirements.

You may be eligible for the HB 162 Surplus Tax Refund if you:

  • File your Individual Income Tax Return for tax year 2021 and tax year 2022 by the April 18, 2023 deadline (or by October 16, 2023 if an extension was granted)
  • Had a tax liability for tax year 2021
  • Are a Georgia resident, part-year resident, or nonresident


Learn more about the eligibility requirements below.

How Do I Learn More About the Surplus Tax Refund?

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    Check Your Surplus Tax Refund Online (available May 2023)

    To use the Surplus Tax Refund checker, you will need:

      • Your SSN or ITIN
      • The amount of your Federal Adjusted Gross Income listed on your 2022 tax year Georgia Individual Income Tax return
        • Form 500 – Line 8 or
        • Form 500EZ – Line 1


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    Calculate Refund Amount

    HB 162 allows for a tax refund out of the State's surplus to Georgia filers who meet eligibility requirements. Depending on your filing status and tax liability, you could receive a maximum of:

    • $250 for Single/Married Filing Single
    • $375 for Head of Household
    • $500 for Married Filing Jointly
    Decorative image of filer scenarios.  Showing different levels of eligibility.
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    Will I get a paper check or direct deposit?

    Surplus Tax Refunds are issued based on the regular refund instructions provided on a taxpayer's return.

    All surplus refunds go to taxpayers and not to tax preparers.

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    Should I call to check on the status?

    Our phone lines are typically very busy this time of year.  Beginning May 2023, you will be able to check your Surplus Tax Refund online, 24/7. 

    Our call center representatives will have the same information available to you online in the "Check Your Surplus Tax Refund" checker.

    If all your information is correct and you think you are eligible, check again at a later date.

    Surplus Tax Refund status changes are updated nightly.