Information and Records Requests

Open Records Request

The Georgia Open Records Act establishes the right to inspect and/or receive certain public records, with certain exceptions.  Costs for these requests may vary based on the scope of the request. 

To submit an open records request, please submit an inquiry to:



Open Records Officer
Georgia Department of Revenue
1800 Century Boulevard, N.E.
Suite 15107
Atlanta, GA 30345

Subpoena, Summons, and/or Service of Process

Any summons, subpoena, or other legal document requesting Department information, records, witness testimony, or depositions must be served in-person at the address below at Customer Service Window 1, or mailed to:

State Revenue Commissioner
Georgia Department of Revenue
1800 Century Boulevard, N.E.
Suite 15300
Atlanta, GA 30345

Refer to Policy Bulletin ADMIN-2019-04, “Service of Legal Documents” for more information.

Disclosure of Taxpayer Information

The Georgia Department of Revenue is generally prohibited by state statute from releasing taxpayer information pursuant to the confidentiality provisions of O.C.G.A. §§ 48-2-15(a) and 48-7-60(a). O.C.G.A. § 48-2-15(a) provides in relevant part that "information secured by the commissioner incident to the administration of any tax shall be confidential and privileged.”

The Department of Revenue may release certain taxpayer information upon receipt of the taxpayer’s express written authorization to disclose.

For more information on acceptable forms of taxpayer authorization, please visit Power of Attorney & Third-Party Authorization - Tax.

Reports and Statistics

The Department maintains certain reports and dashboards which contain aggregate information on a variety of tax administration topics. More information can be found at the links below:

State Revenue Statistics and Reports

DOR Pulse Reporting Dashboards

Request a Copy of Your Tax Return

You may request a copy of a past return by submitting Form RET-001 - Taxpayer Return Request and applicable fees in-person at the address below or by mailing the form to:

Georgia Department of Revenue
1800 Century Boulevard, N.E.
Suite L300
Atlanta, GA 30345

Motor Vehicle Information Request

Generally, information contained in motor vehicle title and registration records is confidential under state and federal law. The Georgia Department of Revenue may not disclose motor vehicle information unless there is an authorized use for the information under the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act or other state law.

Specific forms requesting disclosure of motor vehicle information may be found on the Department’s website at:

MV-20 Request for Motor Vehicle Data

MV-20A Information Required of Confidential Motor Vehicle Information/Documents

Submit a completed MV-20 or MV-20A form and applicable fees according to the instructions on the form(s). 


Questions regarding access to Department records and information may be referred to the Legal Affairs & Tax Policy Division at TAX.POLICY@DOR.GA.GOV.