File My Return - Instructions & Forms

Georgia Individual Income Tax returns must be received or postmarked by the April 18, 2023 due date

Georgia Individual Income tax is based on the taxpayer's federal adjusted gross income, adjustments that are required by Georgia law, and the taxpayers filing requirements.

Your federal return contains information necessary for completing your Georgia return.  Please complete your federal return before starting your Georgia return.

Monitor Your Tax Status

Register for an account with the Georgia Tax Center (GTC) and you can sign up to receive notifications when any activity takes place on your account.  These notifications help you monitor your tax status and help combat fraudulent activity.

After filing, use GTC to Check My Refund Status.

Why Should I File Electronically?

Taxpayers who file their returns electronically and have their returns directly deposited into their bank accounts receive their refunds quicker than those who file paper returns. Learn more about electronic filing.