How Do I Make a Tax Payment?

On this page, find options available for paying your individual income tax, corporate income tax, and Georgia Department of Revenue assessed liabilities using the Georgia Tax Center (GTC), online credit card payment, or by paper.

Electronic payments can be set up to occur on or before the payment due date.

Payment Options

  • Quick Payments Options

    Quick Payments with GTC

    Follow these helpful instructions on making a quick payment using GTC.

    Via GTC with a GTC Login

    Quick payments are accepted for:

    • All tax years available within your GTC account
    • Individual income tax due on original return
    • Business or Corporate income tax due on original return
    • Individual and Business may make estimated payments via GTC

    GTC allows you to store your bank information: 

    • When making a payment, enter your bank information and click save payment source info for future use.
    • Enter a name for your source. You may save multiple payment sources.

    Via GTC Without a Login

    Note: You will have to provide your SSN or Tax ID if you pay without a GTC login.

    Quick payments are accepted for:

  • Credit Card Payments (without GTC)

    Make credit card payments online with ACI Payments, Inc. 

    Credit card payments are accepted for the present tax year thru 2007 for:

    • Individual income tax due on original return
    • Corporate income tax due on original return
    • Liabilities presented to taxpayers via Georgia Department of Revenue assessment notices
    • Credit cards are NOT accepted at this time for amended return payments

    The credit card service provider charges a convenience fee based upon the amount of the transaction. Please review the information on the site to determine the amount.

    Support and additional information regarding the payment process is available from ACI Payments, Inc.

    Note: Credit Card payments cannot be cancelled once submitted.  Once your payment information is submitted through ACI Payments, Inc, the transaction is complete.

  • Paper Payment with Return

    Make your payment via paper.  Enclose your check or money order with the appropriate paper form and send via U.S. Mail. Instructions available on the forms.

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  • Request a Payment Plan

    Payment plans or Installment Agreements are available for individual income tax and business or corporate income tax accounts.  You can request a payment plan:

  • Payment FAQs

    Read Frequently Asked Questions about making a payment.

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