Motor Vehicle Letter Rulings

LR MV TAVT-2017-01 - Application of TAVT when bailment agreement is rescinded within 30 days of sale

LR MV TAVT 2016-02 - Application of TAVT on title transfer between related corporations

LR MV TAVT-2014-01 - Application of TAVT on title transfer to a revocable trust

LR MV TAVT-2013-01 - Application of TAVT on loaner vehicles subject to a lease agreement

The opinions expressed in these rulings are based upon the information contained in the requests and are limited to the specific transactions and persons in question. Rulings have no precedential value except to the person to whom the ruling was issued and then only for the specific transaction addressed in the ruling. Should the circumstances regarding a transaction change, or differ materially from those represented, then a ruling may become invalid. In addition, please be advised that subsequent statutory or administrative rule changes or judicial interpretations of the statutes and rules upon which this advice is based may subject similar future transactions to a different tax treatment than that expressed in these rulings.

Rule 560-1-1-.10. Letter Rulings