Retail Alcohol Renewal

Before You Begin

  • All required documentation must be scanned and saved as individual PDF files. You will upload them to the Georgia Tax Center during the application process
  • Know the Alcohol License Number
  • Know your payment option: Credit Card or ACH debit

Required Documents

How to Renew

  • Log into Georgia Tax Center
  • Click the "Alcohol License Number"
  • Click the link “File Renewal” for the period for the upcoming year
  • Answer the question regarding arrests in the previous 12 months
  • Select the option “Pickup License” to pick up the license at the Century Center location if desired
  • Verify account information
  • Click “Next”, then “Submit”
  • Answer “Yes” if ready to submit
  • Confirmation number will be displayed for the renewal submission
  • From the confirmation page, click “Make a Payment”
  • Make a payment through ACH Debit or Credit Card
  • Confirmation number is provided for the payment

For Beer and/or Wine licenses only - An alcohol type can be added or removed by selecting or deselecting the option

Georgia law requires that anyone registering for or holding an Alcohol License or Permit must submit a Citizenship Affidavit and Secure and Verifiable Document. If the individual signing the Affidavit is not a U.S. citizen, the Affidavit and Secure and Verifiable Document must be submitted annually when renewing the License or Permit.  The Secure and Verifiable document for Non-U.S. citizens must be the document used to show your residency status.