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The Department of Revenue takes every measure to process tax returns in a timely manner.

If you need additional information about the status of your refund please visit the Georgia Tax Center

Corporation Tax

Use Form IT-550 to claim a refund for estimated taxes that were not claimed on the original corporate income tax return or if a corporation realizes it overpaid estimated tax before the corporate income tax return is due. If an overpayment is the direct result of a change in the tax reported on an original corporate income tax return, the corporation should request a refund by filing an amended return. If a corporation fails to request a refund on an original corporate income tax return, it can do so by submitting a letter on company letterhead or Form IT-550.

Mail the form and related documentation to:

Georgia Department of Revenue
Taxpayer Services Division
1800 Century Blvd NE, 8th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30345-3205

For additional information, contact the Corporate Tax Section at 877-GADOR11.

Individual Tax

You can check the status of your individual income tax refund 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling the Automated Refund Information Line at 877-GADOR11. When calling, you must have the Social Security number listed first on your individual income tax return and the exact whole dollar amount of the refund.

Please allow 90 business days to receive refunds. The Department is taking additional fraud prevention measures to ensure tax refunds are issued to the correct individuals.

Deceased Taxpayers   All refund checks will contain the name of the taxpayer listed on the return. In the case of a refund check issued in the name of a deceased taxpayer, the surviving spouse, administrator or executor must mail the check along with a copy of the death certificate and Georgia Form 5347 to:

Georgia Department of Revenue
Processing Center
4125 Welcome All Rd, Ste 801
Atlanta, GA 30349

NOTE: We will accept a copy of IRS Form 1310 in lieu of Form 5347. If you need Form 1310, contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit their website.

If your refund check was lost, stolen or becomes stale-dated, contact the Taxpayer Accounting Section at 877-GADOR11 for assistance.  Additional information about returned and uncashed checks can be found here:

Motor Fuel Tax

Get more information about Motor Fuel refunds

Sales & Use Tax

To request a sales and use tax refund you must submit an ST-12 on the Georgia Tax Center.

If the overpayment is the result of a change in the information reported on an original return, you must complete an amended Form ST-3  and mail it to:

Georgia Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 105296
Atlanta, GA 30348-5296

Withholding Tax

Submit Form IT-550 to claim a refund of withholding tax. Please attach an amended return for the period in question and applicable W-2Cs (if the year has ended). Mail the form and attachments to:

Withholding Refunds
P.O. Box 49432
Atlanta, GA 30359