The Department of Revenue is reminding individuals that they may have unclaimed property in the form of wages, savings accounts, refunds, or safety deposit boxes.

We encourage individuals to search our free database to discover if they have unclaimed property.

Individuals may lose track of property for a variety of reasons. If the owner of the property does not act within a set amount of time, the holder of the property turns it over to the state for safekeeping. The state then holds the property until it can be reunited with the owner.

How do I search for unclaimed property? 

The state of Georgia maintains a database of this unclaimed property. Go to Georgia Unclaimed Property ( and begin your search!

 It is completely FREE to search the database. All you need to begin your search is:

  • Your name
  • If you submit a claim, there may be additional documentation required

How do I keep my property from becoming lost in the future?

Property becomes lost when a company has no communication with the owner. For security reasons, most financial institutions do not forward mail. You should consider:

  • Contacting the institutions that hold your money or property every year, especially when there is an address change or change in marital status.
  • Keeping accurate records and recording all insurance policies, bank account numbers with bank names and addresses, types of accounts, stock certificates, and rent and utility deposits.
  • Cashing all checks for dividends, wages, and insurance settlements without delay.
  • If you have a safe deposit box, record its number, bank name and address, and give the extra key to a trusted person.
  • Preparing and filing a will detailing the disposition of your assets.

For more information on unclaimed property, please review our FAQs here:


DOR's Media Contact Mason Rainey