ATLANTA -- Today the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) is reminding taxpayers of the upcoming income tax deadline on Wednesday, July 15, 2020. Earlier this year, the state of Georgia conformed with the U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to extend the normal April 15th tax deadline to July 15th due to COVID-19.

What is due at the state-level on Wednesday, July 15, 2020?

2019 Income Tax Filings and Payments

2020 Estimated Income Tax Payments Originally Due on April 15, 2020

2020 Estimated Income Tax Payments Originally Due on June 15, 2020

Any Other Estimated Income Tax Payments Due After April 15, 2020, and Before July 15, 2020

Any Income Tax Refund Claims for Previous Tax Years Where the Statute of Limitations Would Have Expired on or after April 15, 2020, and before July 15, 2020

(Per state law, taxpayers have three years to amend an original return and this extension provided a few months of additional relief for taxpayers planning to amend their 2016 income tax returns.)

Taxpayers who are filing for a federal extension by July 15, 2020, will automatically be granted a state extension, and no additional paperwork is required at the state-level. If taxpayers do not file for a federal extension, Georgia Form IT-303 should be filed for a state extension. As a reminder, regardless if a taxpayer files for an extension, all 2019 income tax payments are due on July 15, 2020.

All returns and payments must be received or postmarked by July 15, 2020, to avoid penalties and interest.

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