To assist businesses throughout the state with their efforts to better meet customer demands, the Department of Revenue has repealed and replaced the curbside alcohol pickup regulations. Under the prior regulations, violations carried more severe penalties than other alcohol violations. The new regulations align the penalties of violations of curbside pickup with the penalties of other alcohol violations. The updated regulations also allow package stores to provide their customers with curbside pickup services. 

In addition, businesses now have more flexibility in where they stage their pickup area in their parking lots to better meet their business needs.

Under the previous version of the regulation, the person who placed the order also had to pick it up.  The updated regulations now allow other people who are twenty-one and older to pick up on behalf of the person who places the order.

“This is one of the steps the Department of Revenue is taking to assist businesses with their customer service efforts throughout the state,” said Revenue Commissioner David Curry. “We want to ensure that we are working with businesses to help them accomplish their goals and better serve their customers.”

For additional information and to view the new regulations in their entirety, please visit the Department’s website.

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