In an effort to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses, the Department of Revenue today published a user friendly webpage to provide individuals a place to easily find necessary information for starting a business in the state of Georgia. The page highlights the steps specific to the Department of Revenue, including how to register with the Department for various tax types. It also provides a guide on what information you should have on hand if you need to contact the Department regarding your business.

“Opening a business is an exciting venture whether it is your first business or your fifth business,” said Revenue Commissioner, David Curry. “I understand that needing to work with several agencies can be frustrating and confusing. With this new webpage we are trying to make it easier on people to find the information they need to help them get their business rolling.”

Individuals who are interested in starting a business and learning what steps they need to take with the Department can visit the new “Register a New Business” section on the Department’s website.

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