IRP Change Fleet Type

Before You Begin

  • Fleet Liability Insurance cannot be expired. 
  • If Fleet Liability Insurance is expired, STOP and click cancel.  You must email Fleet Liability Insurance (proof of vehicle liability insurance) to [email protected] before completing supplement.
  • Commercial Registration Unit approval is not required for Change Fleet Type Supplement.
  • Online payment can be completed using E-Check or Credit Card. Pop-up blockers must be disabled.

Start IRP Change Fleet Type Supplement

  1. Log in to the IRP Application
  2. From the Applications tab, select IRP
  3. From the Supplement tab, select Change Fleet Type
  4. From the Supplement Search Screen Click Proceed (do not enter information in the empty fields)
  5. Click Select located to the left of the fleet year requiring change of fleet type

Fleet Details Screen

  1. Locate Fleet Type Field, choose FOR-For Hire then click Proceed.
    Fleet type can be changed from FOR-For Hire to PVT-Private only within the Renewal
  2. Verify updated changes to fleet then click Proceed again

Billing Details Screen

  1. Click Proceed to calculate invoice due. Click Proceed again to generate the invoice
    1. Invoice will generate in a PDF document. Print and save for your records. Return to IRP System and click Proceed to continue to payment screen.
      Note: Temporary Apportioned Registration (TA) will generate
    2. Close PDF to return to IRP application

Payment Screen

  1. Payment Details Screen – Click Proceed to begin payment process
  2. Payment Verification Screen – Click Proceed to go to payment/cart management screen. Review and verify transaction then click Proceed to continue to the payment cart management screen instructions

Payment Cart Management Screen

  1. Click Credit Card or E-Check to choose preferred payment method. A pop-up window will appear transferring you to the ACI Payments, Inc. website
    1. Complete payment information on the ACI Payments, Inc. website until payment is completed
    2. Once the payment confirmation number is received, close the ACI Payments, Inc. window to return to the IRP System
  2. Click Proceed to continue to payment summary page
  3. Payment Summary Page - Click Proceed to apply ACI Payments, Inc. payment information to IRP System

Credentials Screen

  • A receipt and a copy of cab card will generate. Save/Print for your records
  • A hard copy of cab card, decal and plate (when applicable), will ship by the United States Postal Service and should be received within 14 business days