Limited Consumer Information

Non-personal, motor vehicle information may be obtained from the Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division. This information will be released in the form of a printout when the following is provided:

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • $1.00 for each VIN
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope, for mail-in requests

Mailed to:
DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
P. O. Box 740382
Atlanta, GA 30374-0382

In person:
DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
4125 Welcome All Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30349

Note: If incorrect VIN is provided the fee cannot be refunded if a record is not found.

Information provided on the consumer printout:

  • VIN
  • Vehicle year model
  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model name or number
  • Number of cylinders
  • Vehicles body style
  • Fuel code
  • Vehicle body color
  • Odometer information, one of the following:
    • Odometer reading in full miles as of title application date
    • Odometer discrepancy legend/brands
    • Exempt odometer status (when odometer declaration is not required by law)
    • Exceeds mechanical limits – When an odometer declaration is made indicating that the vehicle’s odometer has rolled over 99,999 miles on a five digit odometer or 999,999 miles on a six-digit odometer.
    • Not actual mileage – when an odometer declaration is made indicating that the reading is not the actual miles the vehicle has traveled or if the odometer is broken or has been repaired.
  • Purchase date
  • “Y” for year or “N” for no, if vehicle is purchased from a dealer
  • New or used vehicle status at the time of purchase/transfer
  • Title status
    • Cancelled – Title has been cancelled
    • Control Number – A title has not been issued in the registered owner’s name. Some vehicles are not required to have a Georgia title.
    • Current Title, Held – Title has not been printed or no transfer or change to the vehicle will be allowed
    • Parts Only – Title cannot be transferred. The vehicle’s parts can only be used to rebuild or repair other vehicles
    • Non-Titles Vehicle – A title not issued for this type or year model vehicle
    • Current Title, Not Held – Title has printed and sent to the owner or the security interest holder
    • Unclaimed – Title was mailed to either the owner or the lienholder or security interest holder and returned to Motor Vehicle  Division by the Post Office
  • Legends or Brands
    • Flood Damage
    • Rebuilt
    • Salvage
    • Undisclosed Liens
    • Manufacturer Buyback
    • JTWROS – Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship
    • Minor – Title issued in guardian or adult’s name and the name of a minor is also printed on the title
    • Fire Damage
    • Special Construction
    • Bonded
    • OOS Salvage – Out of State Salvage
  • Number of owners
  • Number of lienholder/security interest holders