Dealer Reassignment Form

The assignment spaces on the title should be used to transfer ownership of the vehicle. Failure to apply for the Title will cause additional Ad Valorem Tax fee penalties (in addition to other fees and penalties).

In rare cases, when the vehicle’s title, assigned to the dealership, is not available at the time of sale (i.e. Title is in the office’s safe and the vehicle is sold after business hours, etc.) or all the assignment spaces on the vehicle’s title have been completed, a licensed dealer may use a Secure Dealer Reassignment Form to transfer the ownership of a vehicle to the customer. The Secure Dealer Reassignment Form should not be used if the title is available.

Secure Dealer Reassignment forms should only be used in rare cases when the title is either not available or all the spaces on the title have been completed and can only be used:

  • After the title has been completed transferring ownership of the vehicle to dealership.
  • Only if the dealership is the owner of the vehicle prior to selling or transferring ownership.
  • When the title becomes available, the Dealership must enter the Dealer’s Reassignment form’s control number in the title assignment space where the customer’s name is usually entered. The Dealer Reassignment form must accompany the title when a title is applied for in the customer’s name.

Dealer Reassignment forms can only be purchased from the following authorized dealer associations:

Independent (Used) Automobile Dealers Association

Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (GIADA)
6903-A Oak Ridge Commerce Way
Austell, Georgia  30168
Phone: 770-745-9650
Toll Free: 800-472-8101
Fax: 770-745-9100
Email: [email protected]

New (Franchise) Automobile Dealers Association

Georgia Automobile Dealers Association (GADA)
2255 Cumberland Parkway, Building 900
Atlanta, Georgia 30339-4515
Phone: 770-432-1658
Fax: 770-432-9100
Email: [email protected]