Power of Attorney Usage - Motor Vehicle

Power of Attorney and affidavits can only be appointed to a natural person. A business name cannot be appointed as an attorney-in-fact or give an affidavit. The Power of Attorney and all affidavits must include the full legal name of the person appointed.

General and "Limited" Powers of Attorney

  • May be used to authorize another person to act on the grantor's behalf to complete, sign, pick-up motor vehicle title, and/or license plate registration documents.
  • May not be used when the vehicle requires an odometer declaration on an acceptable secure document.
  • May be used if the vehicle is exempt from the odometer declaration requirements and when someone other than the purchaser/transferee is being appointed as the seller(s) or transferor(s)' attorney-in-fact.

T-8S Secure Powers of Attorney

A T-8S Secure Power of Attorney containing language and security features recommended by the Federal Truth in Mileage Act to deter illegal reproduction and to help make alterations visible to the naked eye. This power of attorney is printed on security paper and provides language and spaces for an odometer declaration and an acknowledgment which the other powers of attorney do not.

Secure powers of attorney can only be used, in rare instances, when the title is not available at the time of sale or transfer because the title is missing or is being held by the owners' lienholder or security interest holder. If the owner's title is available (i.e. at home in the owner's safe), a secure powers of attorney cannot be used. In this case, the title should be retrieved and properly assigned to the purchasers or transferees.)

Secure powers of attorney provide:

  • Spaces for the seller(s) or transferor(s) to enter the odometer reading at the time of sale.
  • Boxes for the seller(s) or transferor(s) to check when the entered odometer reading does not reflect the total actual miles the vehicle has traveled.
  • Spaces for the seller(s) or transferor(s) to print and sign their name(s) declaring the entered odometer information is correct.
  • Spaces for the purchaser(s) or transferee(s) to print and sign their name(s) acknowledging the odometer disclosure made by the seller(s) or transferor(s).
  • Allows the appointed attorney-in-fact to apply for a replacement when the original title is missing.
  • Authorize the attorney-in-fact to transfer the odometer information exactly as shown on this form to the title when the title becomes available.

Secure power of attorney forms are not available at the department's Motor Vehicle Division or the County Tag Offices. These forms may be purchased from one of the following two authorized dealer associations:

Independent (Used) Automobile Dealers Association

Mailing Address:
Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (GIADA)
6903-A Oak Ridge Commerce Way
Austell, Georgia 30168
Telephone Number: 770-745-9650
Toll Free: 800-472-8101
Fax: 770-745-9100
Email: [email protected]

New (Franchise) Automobile Dealers Association

Mailing Address:
Georgia Automobile Dealers Association (GADA)
2255 Cumberland Parkway, Building 900
Atlanta, Georgia 30339-4515
Telephone Number: 770-432-1658
Fax: 770-432-9100
Email: [email protected]