Dealer Registration

Franchise, Independent, Motorcycle, Used Parts, and Manufactured Home/Trailer Dealer Registrations can be done at the MVD Office by mail or through the drop-off box:

  1. When applying for more than 2 additional license plates, completed MV-6B Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer, & Transporter Application for Additional Tags certifying the number of vehicles the applicant sold during the previous calendar year based on business records.  When recording actual number, the “Actual Number” box must be checked. Only three license plates (one master and two additional) will be issued without showing number of vehicles sold in previous year on form MV-6B.
  2. Photographs of signs, sales rooms or offices, and car lot to validate established place of business in Georgia.
  3. Check or money order for the total fees due payable to the Department of Revenue
    1. $62.00 master license plate fee.
    2. $12.00 for each additional license plate requested.
    3. If a franchise (new) car dealer, $25.00 annual franchise fee. This fee is authorized by law to allow the Department to administer the Motor Vehicle Fair Practices Act.
  4. Submitted to MVD:

By mail:

DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Business Registration Unit
P. O. Box 740381
Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0381

In person or drop off box at:

DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Business Registration Unit
4125 Welcome All Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30349

Email questions to

The Department has the right to limit the number of additional license plates issued when the numbers certified in affidavit Form MV-6B differs from the Department’s records, business records, or investigative findings. The Department may request additional documents to validate the need for additional license plates.

Dealer license plates can be used:

  • On vehicles in the company’s inventory that are being demonstrated to a potential buyer
  • To transport an inventory vehicle from one location to another
  • On dealership owned vehicles used by officers and employees of the dealership. Employees are defined as persons working for these businesses at least thirty-six hours per week

Dealer license plates cannot be used:

  • On privately owned vehicles
  • Vehicles for hire or lease
  • Vehicles used in operations of a dealership such as rentals, delivery, parts delivery, towing, rollbacks, courtesy, or other manner
  • By friends or family members of employees or officers of the business

You are subject to fines by law enforcement if you use these license plates illegally. After a department hearing, it is determined that these license plates were unlawfully used, license plates may be revoked and confiscated.

Note:  If you go out-of-business, you must turn in all license plates, with a signed letter indicating the reason for return, to the MVD Business Registration Unit at the address shown above.

Replace a Dealer license plates, submit the following to the MVD Business Registration Unit:

  1. Damaged license plate or copy of the police report, detailing how the plate was lost or stolen and plate number must be listed on report.
  2. Completed Form MV-6 Dealer, Distributor & Manufacturer Tag Application.
  3. Check or money order for $12.00 payable to the Department of Revenue.
  4. If license plate was lost in the mail prior to your receipt, completed Form T-200 Affidavit of Non-Receipt of an Original License Plate/Renewal Decal in lieu of $12.00 payment.