Sacramental Wines

Sacramental wine is wine sold to and used by established and recognized churches and synagogues for use in sacramental services only.

Before You Begin

Must have (or can search for) the Georgia alcohol license number of the wholesaler.

How to Apply

  1. Go to Georgia Tax Center (no need to login)

  2. Click "Business" (near the bottom of the screen)

  3. Click on "License Search"

    If you click "Exempt Wine Permit for Churches" a message will say "To apply for a permit to receive tax exempt wine for use in sacramental services, click on "License Search" to find the wholesaler providing the wine, then click on "Sacramental Wine Permit" link.
  4. Select Alcohol as the License Type

  5. You will need either the Alcohol License Number, Business Name, or License Address

  6. Click "Search"

  7. Click on "Sacramental Wine Permit" (to the far right)

  8. Complete the form as required

  9. Click on "Click to Enter Wine to be Shipped" and complete the information. Click on "OK"

  10. Once complete, click on "Submit"