Apply for an Alcohol Permit

  • Alcohol permits are registered by representatives (sales or promotional) and must be associated with an existing Georgia licensed manufacturer, wholesaler/distributor, broker, or importer
  • Alcohol permits allow the individual to represent alcohol products/ brands in the state of Georgia
  • Permits are not transferrable from one Georgia licensed manufacturer, wholesaler/ distributor, broker, or importer to another
  • All permits with distilled spirits requires a $10 fee and renewal by December 31st of each calendar year
  • Permits for beer and/or wine does not require a fee nor annual renewal

Before You Begin

All required documentation must be scanned and saved as individual PDF files. You will upload them to the Georgia Tax Center during the application process.

 Required Documents

Register a New Permit Account

  • Go to Georgia Tax Center (new accounts do not need to login)
  • Click "Individual" (towards the bottom of the page)
  • Click “Register a New Permit Account”
  • Under submit your request, click on the green arrow to "register a new permit account"
  • Complete all required steps, submit and receive a confirmation number

Helpful Tips

  • The required alcohol license number is your business’s/employer’s license number. (Be sure to include all 0’s so the license number is 7 digits)
  • You should receive a confirmation number for each submission
  • For payments made by credit card, you will receive a link from ACI Payments, Inc. Click on the link from the email and make the payment
  • (Emails are sent to the email address provided during online registration)
  • For payments made by ACH debit, enter the account number and routing number for the desired bank account