Non-Prepaid 911 and Prepaid Wireless 911 Charges

General Information

Download this pdf file. Jurisdictions eligible to receive non-prepaid 911 and prepaid wireless 911 charges
(Note: DOR does not collect 911 charges for Johnson County.)

911 charge distribution reports on the Georgia Emergency Management website (March 2019 – Present)

Prepaid Wireless 911 Charge Distributions (2012 – March 2019)


Download this pdf file. FET-2018-01 - Non-prepaid 911 Charge and Prepaid Wireless 911 Charge 


Non-prepaid 911 Charge Import

GTC Help

How to Register a Non-prepaid 911 Charge Account

How to File a Non-prepaid 911 Charge Return

Import a Non-prepaid 911 Charge Account Return