In order to better secure taxpayer information, the Department of Revenue (DOR) recently changed the username requirements on the Georgia Tax Center (GTC). Emails were recently sent to all GTC users who have usernames that do not meet DOR’s new security measures to outline how and when to change their username.

What GTC users need to know:

  • Taxpayers can NOT change/update their username until October 30th when they log on to GTC
  • Upon logging in to GTC users will be shown a screen that will prompt them to update their username
  • Users must use the below criteria for the NEW username
    • Minimum of 6 characters
    • Maximum of 30 characters
    • No special characters are allowed
    • No spaces are allowed
    • No upper-case characters are allowed
  • Users have until July 1st to update their username
    • On July 1st, if a user has not updated their username DOR will generate a username and email it to the user

Please note: DOR did NOT and will NOT change a user’s password

DOR will send out 2 additional reminders:

  • Reminder Jan. 2nd
  • Final July 1st

Please note:

  • Users may retrieve their username and password if forgotten at:
  • No one from the Department of Revenue will ever ask users for their password via email or telephone

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