Scam Alert-Department of Revenue Phone Line Spoofed

March 14, 2016

Please be advised that one of the Georgia Department of Revenue's phone lines has
been subject to Caller ID spoofing. The Department of Revenue (DOR) was first made
aware of this scam on Thursday, March 10th. When a telephone number is spoofed,
the Caller ID of the caller will appear to be coming from a valid number. Other State
agencies have also been victims of phone line spoofing. Earlier this month the Office
of the State Treasury's main phone line was spoofed.

In these phone calls, the fraudulent caller represented that they were with DOR
collecting a debt owed to the State of Georgia and threatened legal action if the amount
owed was not immediately paid. The fraudulent callers appear to be gathering personal
information about the victim via social media and then using this information to assist
them in their intimidation tactics. Department of Revenue employees follow a specific
process regarding the collection of debt and never threaten immediate legal action over
the phone.

If you get a call from anyone claiming to represent DOR in this manner, you are urged
not to conduct any business over the phone or otherwise cooperate with the caller. In
particular, do not give personal information including bank account or credit card
information to any such caller. If you are concerned that you have been contacted by
an individual seeking a fraudulent payment, please contact the DOR's Office of Special
Investigations by dialing 1-877-423-6711 and selecting option 3.

Any taxpayer that has a question regarding a debt owed may contact the Department's
Compliance Division at 404.417.6466.


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