Tax Preparer Arrested for Fraud

September 22, 2015

On Friday September 18, 2015 Georgia Department of Revenue Agents arrested Takenya Chimere Troutman. The investigation began with an anonymous tip that Troutman may be preparing fraudulent tax returns. Upon receiving the tip The Department of Revenue’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) conducted a preliminary investigation of the preparer and found approximately 150 returns containing indicators of tax fraud. At this point OSI Chief Josh Waites opened a criminal investigation on Troutman. 

The investigation found a pattern of fraudulent expenses for non-existent businesses which added to taxpayer’s refunds. This illegal act lowered the taxable amount of income and fraudulently inflated refund amounts. All tax returns prepared by Troutman have been reviewed and adjusted, resulting in over $150,000 in fraudulently obtained tax refunds being recovered.

Lynne Riley, Commissioner of the Department of Revenue said, “Takenya Troutman did a disservice to legitimate tax preparers who comply with Georgia Tax Law. We will continue to find and track others who are cheating the state.”

Troutman is currently charged with four felony counts of computer forgery (§ 16-9-93) and four felony counts of false statements (§ 16-10-20).

The Georgia Department of Revenue’s Fraud Referral Form can be found on our website.


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