The Georgia Department of Revenue has discovered a number of attempts to file fraudulent income tax returns for the 2014 filing season. DOR has reason to believe the fraudulent filings originated from data compromised through third-party security breaches. All information in the State’s tax computer system remains secure and has not been compromised.  

To date, the Department of Revenue has flagged a significant number of returns as potentially fraudulent. Georgia taxpayers who filed state income tax returns electronically prior to 2014 through third-party vendors are potentially affected. The Department of Revenue will reach out individually to alert those who are confirmed to have been victimized.

“Securing taxpayers personal information is our first priority,” said Lynne Riley, Commissioner. “Our systems at the Georgia Department of Revenue have not been compromised but we believe it is our responsibility to alert taxpayers who may have potentially had their personal information compromised so they can take the necessary steps to protect themselves.” 

At this time it appears that numerous other states have identified similar problems. The Department of Revenue is taking extra precautions to verify filings and refunds to ensure that the correct taxpayer receives his or her proper refund. The Department of Revenue utilizes technology and resources to help protect and secure all taxpayer data. When inconsistencies in returns are identified, the Department of Revenue will contact the individual taxpayer.   DOR is also in communication with the appropriate authorities on the matter.

Taxpayers who have concerns about the security of their personal information can log onto Georgia Tax Center and set a notification when a tax return has been filed with their Social Security number.

How to Opt In/Out of Notifications:

•             Log in to your GTC account

•             Go into your Individual Account

•             Select the “Opt-in/out of Notifications” web request in the top right corner

•             Select Yes to opt- in

•             Select Submit

•             Click OK