Download 2016 Individual Income Tax Forms

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ST-3 MF Addendum Effective 4/30/2015

Sales Tax Motor Fuel Addendum Effective 4/30/2015

ST-3 MF Effective 4/30/2015

ST-3 MF Effective 4/30/2015

ST-3 Motor Fuel Addendum for 2017 Sales

Pre-Paid Local Sales Tax (Motor Fuel) Addendum Schedule

ST-3 Motor Fuel Return for Sales Beginning March 1, 2017

This form is for motor fuel distributors only. Motor fuel distributors are required to file this form with the Form ST-3 Sales and Use Tax Return to account for pre-paid local sales taxes for on-road fuel sales and use. Do not report off-road fuel sales or use on this form. Report off-road fuel sales and use on the Off-Road Fuel Worksheet.