How do I? Common Tax Questions

  • Find answers for common individual income tax questions?

    Many questions are answered in the IT-511 Individual Income Tax Booklet. If you are looking at the booklet electronically,  use the table of contents or use a common shortcut for "find" - CTRL-F (hold down the CTRL key and F at the same time).

    CTRL-F quickly searches all types of printed/electronic text: pdfs, user manuals, etc.). A search bar will open (typically near the top or the bottom of the screen). Enter your simple search terms to find the word(s) in the booklet.

    Some common topics/answers found in the IT-511 Tax Booklet: Path2college 529 plan, low-income tax credit, standard deduction, itemized deductions, adoption, etc.

  • Change my address on my tax return?

    On paper - Write the new address on your tax return and check the address change box or you may notify the department by calling.

    Electronically - Change Address in GTC

  • Find more information on residency or what my residency status is?

    Read more information on residence status under filing requirements or under Residency FAQ’s.

  • Check on my state refund?

    The easiest way is to check online at Check My Refund Status?  You will need the following information: Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number, expected refund amount, and tax year. Please allow 12 weeks for a return to process and for a refund to be issued.

    How do I check the status of paper refunds?

    Just like checking an electronic return, go to Check my Refund Status

    You may also call 877-423-6711 and follow the prompts to check the status of your refund via telephone.  

  • Find what my Georgia state refund was from previous years?

    If you are registered and use the Georgia Tax Center (GTC) you can login and find out information at any time.

    How do I sign up for online access with GTC?

  • File taxes for someone who is deceased?

    Find more information about filing for Deceased Taxpayers. This information is also available in the IT-511 Individual Income Tax Booklet.

  • File an Appeal?

    You may file an appeal either with the Georgia Tax Tribunal or in the appropriate superior court within 30 days from the issued date on the official assessment.

    More information on Protests and Appeals.

  • Make installment payments (or request a payment plan)?

    See your Payment Options

    Submit a request via paper form (GA-9465 Installment Agreement Request) or setup a payment plan online using GTC.

    Read quick instructions for setting up payment plan using GTC.

  • Report Tax Fraud?

    Complete the Online Fraud Referral Form to report suspected tax evasion or fraud. We encourage everyone to help us ensure the tax laws of Georgia are enforced in a fair and equitable manner.

  • Obtain a written advisory opinion from the Department of Revenue?

    See more information on procedures and guidance on filing requests for letter rulings.

  • Request a Penalty Waiver

    To request a Waiver of Penalty online, go to the Georgia Tax Center and look under Common Tasks. Click on Request a Waiver of Penalty. You will need the Letter ID of your assessment and a detailed reason for requesting the waiver. Or you can complete the paper form TSD-3 Penalty Waiver.

  • Sign up to receive email updates?

    Sign up to receive notifications from the Georgia Tax Center when a return is filed or when a refund is issued using their Social Security number.

    Subscribe to receive informational emails from the Department of Revenue.