Wine Special Order Shipping

Special Order Shipper is any shipper which is also a winery that is authorized to make direct shipments of wine to consumers in this state. A special order shipping license shall only be issued to a winery upon compliance with all applicable provisions and upon payment of the license fee designated. A special order shipping license shall entitle the winery to ship wine upon order directly to consumers for personal or household use in this state without designating wholesalers. It is not a requirement for the winery to be licensed in the state in order to apply for a special order shipping license in the state. 

This guideline is to assist you in the preparation of a State of Georgia Wine Special Order Shippers License application that is submitted electronically at The Georgia Tax Center.

Initial Required Documents (available below)

  1. ATT-104/ COLA & Labels
  2. ATT-17 Personnel Statement
  3. State Financial Affidavit (In state)
  4. Copy of Federal Basic Permit with Wine Producer Blender Designation
  5. Power of Attorney (If Applicable)
  6. O.C.G.A 50-3-1 (e)(2) - Citizenship Affidavit
  7. Secure and Verifiable Documents

License Fee(s)

  1. $50.00 - License Fee

Background Investigation and Fingerprint Process

Upon receipt, the application will be assigned to a Revenue Special Agent in the area where the business is located. A background investigation may be conducted by the Investigating Agent where the applicant(s) will be advised about the fingerprint process. Additional Documents may be required during the background investigation at the discretion of the Investigating Agent. A reasonable effort will be made to complete the investigation in a timely manner. However, several factors could delay the application process, including, but not limited to;

  1. Save Approval (Citizenship)
  2. Tax Delinquency Check
  3. Missing Documents