What are Component Parts?

The definition of a component part is important because if a vehicle is inoperable condition requiring the replacement of two or more components parts, the title is branded as salvage and cannot legally be driven on Georgia roads. Once the vehicle has been repaired and passed inspection, a rebuilt title will be issued.

A major component part of a motor vehicle is any one of the following:

  • Front clip assembly including fender, hood, and bumper.
  • Rear clip assembly including quarter panels and floor panel assembly, and roof assembly including a soft top
  • Engine and transmission
  • Frame
  • Complete side of a vehicle including fenders, door(s), and quarter panel

A “Rebuilt” Georgia title will be issued after passing inspection by the Department’s Inspection Unit for:

  • Damaged, restored, or rebuilt motor vehicles, requiring the replacement of one or more major component parts to restore to a safe operating condition.
  • Damaged was a result of fire, flood, or water showing the applicable brand.
  • When cab and front axle have been altered by installing a glider kit. (Glider kit is a ‘new’ tractor cab and tractor front axle used to replace a wrecked or retired cab and front axle.)