UCP Holders FAQs

  • Where can I upload Holder Reports and make electronic payments?

    Georgia’s online module is a secure site for holders to submit electronic files and make payments. First-time users will need to register.  Please click the link below:


  • May I donate Unclaimed Property to a charity rather than escheating it to the state?

    No, most unclaimed property cannot be donated, and must be escheated to the Unclaimed Property Program. The only exception is dividends or capital credits which may be donated by an EMC under certain circumstances.  See OCG 44-12-236 for details.

  • Can I email my Holder Report?
  • How do I perform due diligence?

    "Due diligence" means, but shall not be limited to, the mailing of a letter by first-class mail to the last known address of the owner as indicated on the records of the holder.  Letters do not have to be certified.

  • Does Georgia have a Business to Business Exemption?


  • When are Holder Reports Due?

    Holder reports are due on November 1st for all holders except insurance companies. Insurance companies must report by May 1st. 

  • Is there a minimum amount that is reportable?

    No. There is no reporting exemption based on a minimum amount.

  • Where can I find Holder Reporting Forms?

    Holder Reporting Forms can be found at our website.


  • Where can I find Georgia’s Property Codes and Dormancy Periods?

    Property Codes and Dormancy Periods are listed in Download this pdf file. Annual Filing Report Information .

  • I have no property to report, am I still required to file a report?

    Yes, holders are required to file a negative report with the Georgia Unclaimed Property Program.  You may file a negative report online.

  • Do I have to report properties under $50?

    Yes, you must report and remit all properties to the State of Georgia. 

  • Can I request an extension for filing my Unclaimed Property Report?

    Yes, please send your request by email to: [email protected].
    Please include your EIN, business name, reason for extension and expected filing date.         

  • How do I remit securities?
  • May I report property for owners with a Georgia address to another state?

    Property should be reported to the state of the last known address of the owner.  Georgia allows for Reciprocal Reporting (reporting to a state other than the state of the last known address) only for insignificant property.  Insignificant property is defined as less than ten accounts totaling less than $1000.  We prefer for you to report property directly to the Georgia Unclaimed Property Program.